Over the last few years, the face of marketing has changed and people use social media for just about everything.

Think about the number of people you know who constantly use Facebook and Twitter to update their day with what they are doing and even how they feel. It goes without saying that if people  spend so much time on these and other sites (there are thousands of social media sites)  you should take advantage of their “eyeballs.”

It’s more than just jumping on the bandwagon, if you don’t currently use social media for your business, or you have a very limited presence, you need to improve your efforts. You can start by posting about what you are doing each day. You can link to your blog posts or specials you might be offering for your book(s) or services. Although many people differ on this, you can share things you like outside of your business.

In “5 Steps to Building an Author Platform Online,” Chrissy Campbell states;

Online marketing for authors is much like online marketing for any business or brand. Social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook are effective for connecting and engaging with your community, while traditional methods, such as word of mouth (in particular reviews) are what lead to sales.

In general, social media is best for building up your audience, influencing a sale (through likes and reviews), increasing awareness of titles and positioning yourself as an expert. Email and discoverability through search are best for driving sales.

So how do authors build an online platform to sell books?

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