When ever I share the reality of the publishing industry with wide-eyed writers, they seem to want to lump me in the same category of dream-stealers. The truth is, I’m in the same boat. As a writer of an upcoming self-help book, I want to sell multiple of thousands of copies…for pretty much the same reasons they have. However, after working in the publishing industry in general for over 35 years and in the book publishing industry in particular for the past 10 years, I know the struggles from both side of the coin–the author’s perspective and the publishing reality.

That does not mean self-published authors cannot be successful. It only means the landscape has changed dramatically and in order to break past the 100 books sold barrier,  today’s authors need to be properly prepared. Danny Iny shares as much in an article he wrote “Most New Authors Sell Fewer than 100 Books – But You Can Sell Much, Much, More!” http://writetodone.com/writing-a-best-selling-book/

Iny states:

Come on, tell the truth… ;-)

I know that the answer is YES, because just about every writer on the PLANET harbors a secret dream of writing a best-selling book.

Maybe you’re already working on yours – in your spare time, late at night, and on weekends.

Or maybe it’s something that you plan on getting to “eventually”.

Either way, I’m willing to bet that at the back of your mind and bottom of your heart, you dream about becoming the next Seth Godin, John Grisham, or Beatrix Potter – complete with the six-figure book advances, and the hordes of raging fans.

But then, reality sets in…

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